Client Testimonials and Feedback

“I would like to offer a huge personal thank you to Milena and her staff for the excellent personal care and kindness shown to my Mother - Marian.

From the moment I met Milena I was impressed by her commitment, enthusiasm and attention to detail when dealing with my Mum who is suffering from dementia. The carers never allowed any outside situation to affect their time and care spent with Mum.

All the carers that attended to my Mum became part of our extended family, taking an interest in each and every one of us and our different interests. They were a listening ear to any problems and concerns we may have had and we addressed issues over cups of tea together.

Through the excellent training of Diamond Unique, all the girls were totally trustworthy whilst in our home and we knew we could rely on them to take the best care of Mum when they took her out for outings or stayed at home, painting her nails or doing a jigsaw with her. The whole team made it possible for Mum to stay at home with us longer than we thought possible.

Thank you Diamond Unique and to Milena for your love and support.”

Helen Bassnett & family.

“I would like to endorce Diamond Unique Care Ltd care professionals, they have looked after my mother for the last two years. I have seen myself the attention they give my mother and how she reacts to the staff when they arrive, my mother brightens up and smiles.

My mother always enjoys the attention the staff give her, I find the staff very helpful and they always inform me of any issues that may occur during their visits or concerns they may have regarding my mothers care.

I am very happy with their work as I believe they go above and beyond to make my mother as comfortable as possible. They are without dobut a great assest to my family and excell at what they do."

Mr R Bradford

“Diamond Unique Care have been our current carers for my mother since April this year. They are the third set of home carers we have used in the last three years, but had to be referred to them as they could provide a double carer visit due to my mothers increasing needs.

Having run my own business for over 40 years I fully understand that everything cannot run perfectly at all times, but I must say that if I or my mother have raised any issues they have been addressed immediately and not ignored.

On the the whole we are quite satisfied with this company as our care provider and would have no hestitation in recommending them to others in our position."

Mr K Grund

“The Diamond Careres who have been looking after me these last weeks couldn't have been more polite, kind and considerate and didn't make me feel I was being a nuisance to them whatever they had to do for me.

I would recommend the firm to anyone."

Margaret Bashford

Staff Feedback

“I am working with the company for nearly 2 years. I am happy with the service provided by the management. I recieved all my training before and during the work. The management always listen to staff and are ready to solve any issues according to the needs. Always make sure to get hours as requested and even more whenever needed. Always make sure that the staff been happy during the work. The company help in professional development and for further studies in any level as the staff interest. The management always try to maintain a team work within the staff. Always appreciate the work which we done and rewarded. Provided all the necessary training which needed for the work and also give more support whenever we needed. The management team are always approachable during any time regardless any matter. Always looked after me as a staff and also as a person. All other staff is really friendly and happy to work together. I recommend everyone to the company and definitely will appreciate what we do. The company is highly recommended for work."

Tiny Thomas, Staff Member

“I am working with the company for last 8 months and I am really happy with my work, I receieved all my training before I start the job and also have continuous training during my working time. Management was so supportive to build my confidence in the work. I always get the hours I want and also if I request more hours they always manage to get me the time. I am happy to recommend the company for anyonel it is really supportive and can have a good team to work along. I highly recommend working here and will be happy getting more benefits."

Georgetta Moiceanu, Staff Member

“I've been working for Diamond Unique Care for just over a year. Lovely team of people to work alongside and the mangement is brilliant. Great care company to work for."

Alisha, Staff Member

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